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Polar Express ships parcels from USA and Canada to 150 countries, including CIS.
Use any of our warehouses in USA and Canada as shipping addresses when shopping with online stores and web auctions; in particular, our warehouse in the tax-exempt state of Delaware will help you save yourself the sales taxes).
Deliver parcels maximum in 14 days!
Issue parcels at the customs for free!
You will be able to track the parcel to your door.
We reduce the weight of parcels, removing excess packaging.
We pack parcels in strong cardboard.
Multiple delivery options for parcels:
Delivery to the door
PE Standart
Delivery to the door
PE-Russian Post-Priority
Delivery to the post office
USPS Mail Express International
Delivery to the door
PE-Russian Post-Small Package
Delivery to the post office
We offer the lowest delivery price, because we have our own logistics delivery service and we are also eligible for DHL discounts.
When using our online calculator to estimate the delivery charge, please note that the actual charge will likely differ from the estimated charge.
The final amount will be calculated after the parcel has been prepared and finalized at the warehouse.
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Polar Express uses its own logistics services when shipping parcels to Russia and Uzbekistan. Use our PE-Express option to ensure fastest transit. To use this option please carefully read the detailed application guidelines.
On customer request, we can also ship your parcel via USPS (EMS, Priority, Airmail) or via the international courier company DHL (except to Russia).
Formalization rules
Delivery method is your choice. We can ship your parcel by post or by courier. With the postal option your parcel will be delivered to your local post office and you can collect from there. Sending by courier means your parcel will be delivered to your door.
We will complete the customs declaration and any other shipping documents as required by the regulations of the destination country - there is no additional charge for documentation.
Customs duty
Every Parcel is 100% insured during packing according the next rules:
Parcel costs up to $100
Insurance is included in delivery
Parcel costs more than $100
Insurance price — $5 from the parcel cost.
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