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Terms of delivery from USA to Uzbekistan
Prices are relevant for Uzbekistan. You can see delivery prices for another countries
Oversized parcels are delivered to Uzbekistan!
Parcel tracking
You may track your parcels for free at — the-tracking.com or emspost.ru
All parcels are 100% isured during packaging, according the next rules:
Parcel cost is up to $100
Insurance is included in the cost of delivery
Parcel cost is more than $100
Cost of insurance is 3,5% of the price of the parcel.
Obligatory service
Invoice/content list removal
This is a default service.
Free of charge
Shoebox removal
This service is provided upon customer request. However, packer may keep original packaging of designer women’s footwear (varnished schoes or stiletto heels etc.) if he/she decides that removing the original packaging may result in damaging the goods en route.
Free of charge
Additional packing/wrapping
Our employees will provide additional packing (popcorn, buble-wrap etc.)
Free of charge
Handling of parcels at warehouse
Handling of incoming parcels to be stored in customers’ personal deposit boxes.
Free of charge
Parcel consolidation at the warehouse according to customer’s request. Packing and preparing your parcel for shipping.
Free of charge
Storage in our warehouse, protected by an alarm system and under constant video surveillance.
2 months (60 calendar days) — free of charge
After 60 days — $5.00 per month for each item; storage time will be rounded up to a whole month..
Maximum shelf life of the parcel — 6 months
Storage of a packed up parcel with the "awaiting delivery payment” status
Storage of a ‘ready-to-ship’ parcel with an outstanding bill.
1 week — free of charge
After 1 week — $10 for each week
Bank charge when paying with credit/debit card
Transaction banking fee when paying with a credit/debit card.
3.5% of the total amount
Ship "as is".
By choosing this option, you immediately change your purchase status to ‘being packed’ and that means that it’s guaranteed to go with the next shipment if payment is received in time.
Attention: your order will ship in its original store wrapping and may not be consolidated with other purchases. Such parcels can only be insured for loss.
Get 10 % off the standard delivery charge.
Additional Services
Contents photo
We offer a general photo of the contents of your parcel. We do not open the original wrapping (unless Customer specifically asks us to), nor do we provide gadget testing.
$1.00 per photo
Contents photo
This service implies a photo of the contents of the parcel after the receipt of the warehouse. We do not open the factory packaging (only under the exclusive instructions of the Client).
$5.00 for 3 photos
Video of the packaging process
Upon customer request, we can provide a video of the packaging process.
Registration of purchase in the client's office
Our employees will enter your parcels to the In Stock section of your Account page if the seller did not assign your parcel a tracking code or if Customer has not registered his/her parcel with our system PRIOR TO its arrival at the warehouse. Manual parcel registration is available only if the postal tag bears a post office box number. Digital images of the address sticker and the items to be sent are required to register your parcel: +$1.00
$2.00 per parcel
Invoice checking
Your purchase/items can be checked against the packing list/invoice/customer request for item quantity/size etc.; the service also includes a general photo of the purchase.
Re-packaging of a parcel that is ready to ship
We will gladly make any changes to parcles about to ship, be it changes to shipping mode/address or adding/removing items to/from the parcel.
USPS EMS or Priority Mail shipping charges as per www.usps.com tariffs
Returns to sender, shipping within USA. Insurance and shipping time as per USPS terms and conditions.
Splitting up your parcel into two or more separate ones
Parcel split-up upon Customer request.
Additional internal packaging
Prior to shipping, your purchase will be wrapped up in an additional durable plastic bag and then packed in a box.
Additional external packaging
Once your parcel has been fully packaged, we tightly wrap it in a layer of plastic shrink wrap.
Delivering small packets door-to-door
You can order door-to-door delivery of a parcel of up to 2 kg in every region of Russia.
You can order door-to-door delivery over the phone by dialing the number in the notification. To ensure convenient and safe delivery of your order, the service will be completed by a phone call from the post office to the recipient number as indicated on the postal item in question.
Delivery hours: your order will be delivered to the address indicated on the postal item by prior arrangement with the delivery person during their working hours. The recipient will need to present an ID. If the recipient is not there, the delivery person will leave a notice in the recipient’s post box to pick up their order at the local post office.
100 Rur (cash on delivery)