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Delivery from eBay
eBay is the largest internet aution site and on this site you can purchase everything. On eBay people sell everything imaginable, from a heap of fresh snow to jetplanes. You will find books, appliances, antiquities, sports nutrition supplements, makeup and clothes. The list goes on and on.

Despite frequent fraud, eBay remains the simplest way to get what you want for a low price. The auction is subdivided into dozens of categories and has a convenient search tool that you can use to find what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds. There’s a round-the-clock support service that can handle any situation.
eBay in Russian
There is no such thing as Russian eBay, any more than there is a Russian Amazon. The reason is exactly the same - eBay corporation is not prepared to fully enter the Russian market and work with local sellers. So there’s no other option but to bite the bullet and buy stuff from the English-language auction.
Buying basics eBay
Buying from eBay is fairly simple: sellers either offer goods at a fixed price, or put them up for auction. In 90% of cases it’s both, so you can get a deal straight away by bidding top price.

However, as with Amazon, delivery can become an issue. Many sellers do ship from eBay to Russia, but firstly the shipping may be very delayed and secondly, there’s no way to ensure what has been shipped is the same thing that you have ordered. There’s essentially no guarantee that you haven’t bought a pig in a poke – and the only way to find out is to open the delivered parcel.
Shipping from eBay to Russia
For several years now Polar Express has been delivering parcels from eBay to Russia. We offer our customers a free virtual USA address that can be used to receive parcels from eBay. Parcels are subsequently consolidated and forwarded to Russia. There’s a catch, however: as distinct fromstuff purchased from Amazon, Polar Express will not insure your eBay purchases. Reason one is, most items sold at eBay are second-hand which makes assessing whether any damage has occurred during shipping becomes rather problematic. Reason two is, eBay is home to scores fo questionable sellers, so remember that any transaction you conduct via eBay is at your own risk.

Otherwise, we offer a full range of additional services: photos of the contents of your parcel, video of the packing, invoice matching etc. Here’s a complete list of our charges and prices.

Discover a whole universe of shopping abroad! All you have to do is register on our website, get your own address and type it in every time you buy from eBay!