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Warehouse in Delaware, USA
314 Robinson Lane
for ××××
Wilmington, DE 19805
tel. 732-446-6722
Warehouse in New Jersey, USA
5 S.Main Street
for ××××
Englishtown, NJ 07726
tel. 732-446-6722
Warehouse in Ontario, Canada
401 Magnetic Drive, Unit 2
for ××××
Toronto, Ontario, M3J 3H9
tel. +1 (416) 661-5775
Warehouse in Paris, France
110bis Avenue du Général Leclerc
Niv1 Bat7 for ××××
93500 PANTIN
tel. 06-76-40-32-22
Generate address in USA
Here you can generate your address for delivery from Amazon, Ebay and other stores.
Just fill in these two fields:
Here will appear your address in Delaware
Important information!
The receiver of the parcel in our warehouse must be the initiator of the creation of the package (I.e the owner of the mailbox), NOT the recipient from your address book.
Some stores "try" to edit the delivery address by clearing the box number. In such cases the number of the box can be written next to the surname.
If the store goes to the five-digit index appends four more digits, then there's nothing to worry about. For example it could be: (07726 = 07726-1626)
If you made several purchases from one seller, then he can send them all in one package. Or vice versa if you bought several products in one purchase, sellers sometimes break the order into several parts and send them by separate parcels.                     Such moments you should clarify by yourself from the sellers and input each parcel separately in your personal account. Don't forget to specify the track number.
If the package is not delivered to our warehouse within 30 days then it is removed from the waiting list. You can send your purchases to different warehouses. We will transport them to our main warehouse in New Jersey. Transit from a warehouse in Delaware takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This service is free.