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Step 1
When you see in the My Account that your parcels have reached our warehouse, you check-off those that need consolidating and press the Ship button.
Important! Once you’ve pressed the Ship button, items can no longer be added to or taken out of the parcel.
It goes without saying that consolidating your parcel is an option, not a must. Still you should have the opportunity of knowing that consolidating your parcels serves to reduce the total weight of your order as we discard the outer packaging of individual parcels.
Please check twice to seer you have indicated the address and delivery method and filled out the customs declaration. The next stage is that you parcel(s) is picked and packed them as per you request.
Step 2
After your parcel has been fully packed up you can go to My Account to view the total shipping weight and the delivery charges. Once payment has been made, your parcel will be shipped on the next flight as per shipment schedule.
Step 3
You can make an advance payment by depositing a sufficient amount to cover for the delivery. If, after the transaction has been completed, there is still money left on your account, you will be able to check your balance by going to My Account; it can be used to pay for subsequent shippings. We also advise you to calculate the delivery charge in advance.
We add protective wrapping free of charge for fragile item - we want to make sure that your purchases reach their destination intact and in good condition.
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