List of goods that we don't accept or deliver

Main / Customs Restrictions
flammable items
perfume, lighters, oils, nail polish
Pressurized containers
Hair sprays, shaving creams
Chemicals of any type, matches
Firearms and components
Guns, weapons and their parts
Military, police or tactical equipment
Military, police and tactical equipment of any kind, including weapons, special naval equipment, ammunition, military electronics, replicas of weapons, weapons accessories, weapons components.
Cold Weapons
knives (including kitchen knives and penknives), axes, swords and other bladed items (except multitools)
Video surveillance equipment
Paintball equipment
ATTENTION! Such items will be consfiscated at the border, irretrievably and without compensation.
Agricultural goods
Seeds and plants or fertilizers
Drugs, vitamins or dietary supplements
Perishable goods
Animals or pet supplies
Alcoholic beverages
Cash, including foreign cash, money remittances, cheques or bonds, lottery tickets, credit or debit cards
Precious stones or metals
Goods considered non-exportable under US law
Car plates or items of historical or cultural value
Pornographic materials, in both printed or video format
Passports and IDs
Printer cartridges
E-cigarette fuel and aroma liquids
for refueling electronic cigarettes
Shock absorbers
Oil or gas
Automobile component parts containing liquids or oils
in no matter how limited a quantity