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Our mission
With Polar Express, you get an opportunity to buy goods in online stores and online auctions in America and Canada, even if the seller does not make a delivery to your city.
Our history
We independently and completely free of charge draw up customs and other documents that parcel should have, in accordance with international standards of those countries, where it will be sent.
More than 4000 meters of warehouses2 and 50 employees.
Year 2016
60 thousand individual and corporate clients
Year 2011
The first million delivered parcels
We opened warehouses in New Jersey & Delaware
Year 2005
The first thousand regular clients
The representative office of the company in Russia was opened, the purpose of which was distribution of printed materials (magazines, catalogs, small packages).
Year 1995
Foundation of Polar Express company
In cooperation with ITS (International Transport Solutions, Inc. www.its-ship.com), delivery of diplomatic cargo, mail from the USA to the countries of Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan) was organized.