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Polar Express, enables you to shop at US e-stores and e-auctions, even if the seller does not offer shipping to your country or city. Register on our website to set-up your Polar Express account and establish your very own personal shipping addresses in the USA and Canada for use when shopping online. When you place an online order, log on to your Polar Express account and enter the order details (Name of shipper/vendor. detailed contents list, merchandise cost and approximate weight of each item. When your order is received at Polar Express, we will register the order on your account and send you an email notification. The Polar Express system allows you to consolidate multiple orders bought from different sellers into a single consolidated shipment where you can choose from multiple shipping options considering your preference for cost, speed and trackability. You can choose to consolidate your parcel or ship "as is". Parcels can be sent as received or can even be split up into several smaller shipments.

Use our delivery charge calculator to find out the options and cost to ship your orders.

Parcel shipping from USA

Polar Express has warehouse locations in the USA, Canada & Europe and ships to over 200 countries worldwide.
When shopping in the USA & Canada, consider shipping to our warehouse in the US state of Delaware where you will benefit from Delaware's sale tax exemption on online sales (including Amazon and Ebay) - if shipping to other states your orders will be subject to sales tax.

We can offer extremely low shipping charges given we have our own logistics network and given our deep volumes discounts with carriers such as DHL.
Our online cost calculator can be used to estimate the cost of shipping your parcel from Polar Express. Note the calculator will provide only an estimate, the actual cost cannot be calculated until your orders have been consolidated and the final packaging prepared.

Polar Express ships to Russia and Uzbekistan using its own direct logistics service. Use the PE-Express option to ensure the fastest transit. To use this option please carefully the detailed application guidelines .
As desired, we can also ship your parcel via USPS (EMS, Priority, Airmail) or via the international courier company DHL (except to Russia).

You choose the delivery method. We can ship your parcel via postal or courier. With the postal option, the consignee must collect at their local post office. If shipping via courier, your parcel will be delivered directly to your door.

We will complete the customs declaration and any other shipping documents as required by the regulations of the destination country - there is no additional charge for documentation.

Every parcel is free-of-charge automatically insured up to $100.00 of value.
We also offer free parcel trackability.



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