Standard delivery USA

Requirements for registration of documents for PE Standard Delivery to door shipping companies SPSR and CDEK

  • 1. Scan passports parcel recipient is not required.

    They should be given the passport number, date of issue, place of issue
    Passport data, you can specify when filling in the delivery address.

  • 2. Filling out the Detailed Contents Description field in the Customs Declaration.
    Enter each item in a separate field. There’s no need for a lengthy description, just use two or three defining words (in Rusian; e. g. “Рубашка”), unless your parcel contains plenty of similar items, in which case add some extra description (the item’s size, colour etc.). Please indicate the item’s brandname (in English). In case you don’t know the brandname, enter the name of the seller/online store. Please make a special note if your purchase is multipurpose (e. g. “shoe/facial cream”).
    If you’re sending telephones, e-books, tablet PCs and suchlike, indicate the brandname and the make (in English). If the particular make comes in several different packages, please indicate your model’s specific features (memory space, whether there is Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth). Also indicate whether the item is new or used.
    Specs for laptops and PCs of the same make may differ in certain, so please indicate any significant feature of your model (processor type, random access memory, read-only memory and whether there are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).
    For other types of devices please indicate their characteristic features (e. g. the memory capacity of your harddrive, memory card or thumbdrive).
    If you’re sending a watch, indicate the make and its case material.
    If you’re sending clothes/footwear, please indicate size and whether it is men’s, women’s or children’s.
    If you’re sending gift sets, tool kits and the like, please provide a detailed description of the set contets and item quantity: “shampoo set, two pieces” or “tool kit, three pieces (hammer, screwdriver, pliers)”.
    For jewelry, please indicate metal and provide a description of jewels, if any. A photo of each piece of jewelry is required. Please note that two pieces of jewelry per parcel is the limit. Sending unfashioned jewels is prohibited.

    Please enter contents in the same order as they are listed on the invoice; make sure their quantity and prices are the same as on the invoice; do not round item price up or down.

  • 3. Requirements to downloadable invoices.
    Download invoice is not required
    Link to the product in the online store is obligatory.

  • 4. Other documents.
    To confirm the value of the imported goods and/or their intended usage, as well as the rate of purchase from foreign online stores, the customs broker, upon reviewing your declaration, may request some additional documents, such as an explanation. However, it will only reach the customs if the customs office requests it from the broker.
    Outside of that, the customs broker can request screenshots of the online-store website containing the prices, screenshots of your correspondence with the seller, payment confirmation and similar documents confirming the declared value of your purchases.
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