Receipt of parcels from the USA and Canada

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Step 1
Upon receiving your parcel, inspect it carefully, on every side.
Important! If the outer packaging is damaged, or packing tape has been tampered with, or if you notice unaccountable packaging ruptures and have grounds to suspect that your parcel has been opened and re-taped, you should demand CARRIER’S STATEMENT from the courier.
Step 2
Once you have the carrier's statement, you must tell the courier, that you want to open your parcel and inspect the contents.
The courier’s duty is to fill out a survey report that must include his/her first and last name and list every item and its value as well as the quantity of damaged or missing items. The report must be signed by the courier.
Step 3
If you can see no package deformation or any explicit indication of unauthorized opening, but you but you still suspect that the parcel weight is less than indicatedyou should first of all, if possible, re-weigh your parcel.
Tell the courier that you would like to open the parcel and inspect its contents; it is the courier’s responsibility to draw up a survey report indicating therein that the report has been prepared upon the customer’s request and that no other claims have been made by the customer.
Step 4
Once the aforementioned documents have been drawn up, you have to report Polar Express about the absence of goods in the parcel.
Please send us the next documents:
• The carrier’s statement (in case of external damage)
• The survey report
• A photo of the parcel or the damaged spots.
Polar Express will conduct all further investigation and handle the compensation matters within 30 – 60 days.
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