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Polar Express’s five key areas of activity.

Shipping parcels between 0.1 kg to 30 kg

We ship through a global postal system called EMS (Express Mail Service) which enables us to ship to over 190 countries. We work directly with EMS Russian Post which ensures that your parcel will reach Russia within the shortest possible time.

Due to a vast geography or our services and an optimal price/speed/reliability ratio, we can offer our customers the most convenient mail delivery across entire Russia and other countries.

Your express mail will be delivered door-to-door. Your parcels will be delivered to their destination point to be handed over to the recipient.

small parcels

We ship small parcels containing printed materials, manuscripts, photographs via mail services to over 190 countries. This option includes mailing magazines, books, catalogues and advertising brochures. Small parcel size limits:

- Minimum size: 105х148 mm; for rolls, combined length plus double diameter cannot be less than 0.17 m; greatest dimension – 0.1 .;
- Maximum: combined length, width and breadth must not exceed 0.9 m.; greater of the three dimensions cannot exceed 0.6 m.

First-class mail

Under this option, we ship parcels none of whose dimensions exceeds 0.36 m. The parcel’s combined dimensions must not exceed 0.7 m., lower limit size of such parcel cannot be less than 110х190 mm. Parcel weight limit: 2.5 kg. First-class mail tariffs solely depend on the mail weight and point of departure; the distance does not influence the price.

Compared to run-of-the-mill mail, first-class mail gets delivered at a significantly higher speed due to state of the art mail classification and logistics technologies whereby mail gets processed right at the post office skipping processing centres; such mail is shipped by air only; we do not use combined shipping (used for standard mail) for this type of delivery.

By choosing this option, you get the speediest delivery and priority sorting.

Express parcel delivery

Express parcel delivery combines cost-efficiency and speedy delivery skipping processing centres in between. Your parcel will go straight to a Moscow airport and, following customs clearance, Polar Express couriers will deliver it anywhere in Moscow. SPSR courier company will deliver your parcel to any region of Russia.

Freight transport

Polar Express offers freight transport. Cargo is routinely airfreighted on all regular flights, and we can guarantee that your parcel, however fragile, valuable or hazardous, will be quickly and safely delivered.

We ship to every airport in the world, due to our extensive networking with aircarriers. Oversized cargo can be shipped to any country in the world by regular cargo flighs. We also arrange and handle charter cargo flights.



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