How we can serve you

Our company’s services will enable you to shop from online-stores and auctions in USA even though a particular seller does not ship to your city or town.

By registering at our website you get a personal account and a personal address in USA to be used when shopping. After getting a purchase from an online-seller, go to My Account and enter the name of the store, a brief description of the purchase, the value and approximate weight of each item. When your parcel arrives, we will send an email to the address you provided at the time of registration notifying you that your order has arrived at one of our dedicated warehouses. After that, you can consolidate various items bought from different parcels into one large parcel, choose the most suitable shipping mode, and have it sent on to you. Of course, parcel consolidating is an option, not a must. Your parcel can be shipped on without repackaging, or else a single incoming parcel can be split up into several lesser parcels.

Use our delivery charge calculator to find out how much your order will cost you depending on its weight, destination and shipping method.



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