Parcel Insurance

Insurance is offered for any type of sent parcels: documents or goods.

However, some restrictions still exist and depend on the destination and content of the parcels.

According to the requirements of insuring the parcels, POLAR EXPRESS, LLC is fully responsible for the loss and damage of the parcels that are on the way to the given destination. This is effective from the moment the parcel is received at the POLAR EXPRESS, LLC warehouse and lasts until the parcel is delivered to the given destination.

Insurance coverage for the loss or damage to the parcels is paid according to the following existing restrictions and exception.

Insurance does not cover the following:

  • Purchases made on;
  • Delays;
  • Natural evaporation;
  • The loss in weight or volume;
  • Wear origin
  • Deterioration of the parcel ? ;
  • Loss or damage caused by the packaging that does not match the content of the parcel;
  • Loss or damage caused by the existing flaws and damages;
  • Loss or damage caused by the customer or his/her agent on purpose;
  • Loss or damage caused by the delay;
  • Loss or damage caused by the terrorist attack, the use of any atomic or nuclear weapon or radioactivity;


- Insurance coverage is determined and limited by the costs presented by you, the cost of sending a replacement and the amount indicated on the invoice or paid in cash – the lowest of these values. Documents that confirm the payment may be requested as a confirmation for the value.

- In case of total loss of your parcel, insurance coverage gives you the right to compensation for the cost of the transported parcel. In case of partial loss you will have the right to compensation of the cost in appropriate proportions.

Procedure for making a claim

If you wish to make a claim, you are advised to do so as soon as possible, no later than 3 days after the actual or scheduled delivery.

Objects that are not subject to insurance coverage

  • Antiquities;
  • Jewelry made of pure gold or silver;
  • Clocks and watches;
  • Products made of ceramics;
  • Diamonds and other precious stones;
  • Glassware, products made of ceramics, thin plastic, etc. (Insurance only covers the loss);
  • All types of luggage, including specially packaged luggage for the transporting of musical instruments are excluded from the insurance covered for damaged goods;
  • Stamps;
  • Food;
  • Collectables;
  • Speakers;
  • Musical instruments (Insurance against loss only)



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