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Parcels insurance with Polexp
You can take advantage of Polar Express, LLC's risk insurance policy related to the delivery of parcels. When forming a parcel and paying a fee, you agree to the terms of insurance and payment of compensation.

If you refuse to use the insurance service, you understand and agree that Polar Express, LLC will not compensate for the cost of the parcel and will not conduct the parcel proceedings to obtain a separate compensation from the state mail, courier services and transport companies (express carriers). You have the right to apply independently with a claim to the postal service / express carrier within the framework of the current legislation.

Polar Express, LLC undertakes to review the claim on grounds sufficient to confirm the insured event. And also based on the results of consideration, make a calculation and pay compensation within the limits of the insurance maximum you have ordered.

You agree to receive payments from Polar Express, LLC to your personal account on the site of the service

You understand that the payment of the refund is the final outcome of the claim review and agrees to release Polar Express, LLC from further claims, proceedings and / or debates on the premise as soon as an insurance payment has been made for it.

The insurance covers the period of international delivery from the Polar Express, LLC warehouse to the addressee and does not cover the commission of Polar Express, LLC, the cost of delivering the goods from the Seller to the Polar Express, LLC warehouse, possible taxes and duties at any stage.

Attachment insurance is carried out by you during the formation of the current premise. You independently indicate the value of goods, subject to protection. The cost of goods indicated by you for insurance can not exceed the invoice and / or declared value of the attachment, but may be less than it. In the event that the value of goods indicated by you is less than invoice, it is considered that each the product is partially protected. In this case, the insurance value of each product is considered as a percentage of the total invoice of the value of the goods to the insurance amount specified by you. The actual payment for the specified insurance maximum is made after packing the parcel.

The maximum insurance payment can be equal, but can not exceed the confirmed invoice value of the attachment. Cost delivery is subject to return only in cases of loss of shipment and / or total shortage / damage (received empty parcel, the only goods in the parcel are completely destroyed). Declared cost for postal services should correspond confirmed invoice value of the attachment.

The cost of the parcel insurance is calculated at the rate of-$101-$600 = $5 of the customs value. Please note that insurance for $100 is already included in the shipping cost.

You can cancel insurance and return funds paid for the service only if the parcel was not sent. The cancellation of the ordered service for the sent parcel is impossible.

Insurance cases are:

- loss of shipment in the process of delivery (following the results of the search);
- shortage / non-provision of goods in the parcel upon receipt;
- damage to goods during delivery.

Acceptance of claim for loss / shortage is carried out only upon written application

Recognize the parcel as lost only after the search, conducted by the carrier. The search can be initiated by Polar Express, LLC for tracked delivery methods according to the deadlines specified for each method in the Delivery section. The terms of the search are on the average 30-60 days, but vary for each delivery method in each particular case.

If the parcel is recognized as lost / not found after the search, an insurance claim is made for it.

To file a claim for shortage / damage, you must provide sufficient documentary evidence to support the claim within 3 days of receipt of the parcel. We recommend that you read the instructions for receiving parcels.

Further actions for investigation and compensation will be made in our company.

Polar Express, LLC has the right to refuse to provide insurance services before sending the parcel without explaining the reason.

Polar Express, LLC has the right to refuse payment on grounds including, but not limited to the following:

• You have notified of the delay / loss of the postponement of the admissible terms of the search, about the occurrence of the insured event - later than 3 calendar days after the delivery of the parcel;
• You refused / failed to provide documents to substantiate the claim within 3 days of the application;
• You refused / could not confirm the invoice value of the attachment;
• The overestimation of the declared value was found;
• The prohibited attachment was found;
• The parcel was detained / confiscated by authorized bodies (customs, etc.);
• The parcel was discovered and delivered after the recognition of the lost

Compensation for a shortage in a parcel may not exceed the invoice value of the missing goods. The cost of delivery with partial shortage is not refundable.

The compensation for the damaged goods is calculated depending on the nature of the damage and the damage caused to the goods.

- In case that you have received the goods, you may count only on partial compensation, except for cases of total damage, which led to the complete destruction of the goods. The amount of partial compensation will be calculated in each case individually. The cost of delivery for a damaged attachment is non-refundable.
- If you refuse from the damaged goods at the time of delivery and return the parcel to the sender, the contents are requisitioned by Polar Express, LLC, and you are paid the full amount of the refund according to the invoice value. The cost of delivery is not refundable.
- If you refused the parcel, in which there were other goods besides the victim, then upon return these goods will be deposited to your account in the Polar Express, LLC warehouse and charged as a purchase registration. The costs of processing and sending them are paid by you separately.

Payment of the refund is made in the form of entering into your personal account on the site You can dispose of the funds at your discretion (used to pay for Polar Express, LLC services or withdraw). The withdrawal of funds received on reimbursement is made in the standard mode.

ВIf a parcel is found that was previously considered lost, for which a refund has already been made, the amount of compensation paid shall be refunded by writing off the credited compensation from your account, including with the formation of debts. After writing off, you are obligated to cover the arrears in full within no more than 30 calendar days from the date of cancellation.

If you do not comply with the terms of insurance, Polar Express, LLC reserves the right to refuse to review current and / or future claims, stop the maintenance of the account, introduce additional sanctions at the discretion of Polar Express, LLC.