Outsized delivery

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Transportation of outsized and large-sized cargoes from America and Canada
We deliver such oversized and bulky goods as:
2 Kg.
3 Kg.
10 Kg.
9 Kg.
To calculate the cost of delivery of the package, enter the dimensions in the calculator in centimeters.
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Please be advised, however, that oversized parcels will not be consolidated with other shipped goods. E. g., do not pack your snowboard or skis in the same parcel with your ski bindings or ski boots – that would make your parcel extra oversized and the delivery cost will rise severalfold due to increased dimensional weigt. Bicycles will only be accepted in manufacturer’s original packaging and cannot be repackaged or consolidated with other purchases, such as a laptop etc.
Before you tick your purchases off for consolidation make sure the goods you wish to place in one box are compatible as shipping may take a long time and incompatible goods may damage each other. We recommend that you should not ship heavy items in the same box with fragile or breakable items.
We reserve the right to exclude from a consolidated parcel any goods whose delivery with the rest of the parcel we believe will be impossible. The item will remain at the warehouse and will be entered as a new purchase to be shipped as a separate parcel.
Should you disagree with our decision and, say, insist that your iPad will be OK if shipped alongside an eighteen-kilo speaker, we will comply with your wish, minus damage insurance.
Dimensional weight
Delivery charge for light but oversized items is calculated on the basis of their dimensional weight according to the following formula: Length (cm.) х width (cm.) х hight (cm) / 5000 = dimensional weight (kg).