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Terms of delivery from Canada

Delivery to Door
Delivery to Door
Delivery to Door
Delivery Rates First Kg - $44.25, each subsequent full / not full Kg - $10.70 First Kg - $39.50, each subsequent full / not full Kg - $9.50 First Kg - $41.50, each subsequent full / not full Kg - $11.00
For prices to other countries please see our Calculator
Max weight 30 Kg
Size limitations in M. The Summ of length and girth ((width + height) * 2): not more than 3 M. (ЕМС)
Estimated delivery time 10-15 Business days
Route. Transit points. Canada – Belgium/ BP – transfer to EMS
PE Insurance Up to $100.00 - $0 (included in the delivery price)
From $100.01 to $600.00 - $5.00
From $600.01 to $1000.00 - $7.50
From $100.01 to $1300.00 - 15.00
Tracking Provide tracking number.
Shipments Scheduele
( we reserve the right to changeshipment schedules without prior notice)
(The parcel/package delivery payment to be completed 24 hours before shipping day)
Additional information Oversized parcels are not accepted with this type of delivery.

Mandatory services

Mandatory services Description Price
Invoices / packing lists deletion This action completed by default. Free
Deleting of shoe box This action completed by clients request only.. Woman's fashion shoes (patent shoes, shoes on high hills, etc.) box can be saved, in order to avoid damage to goods in transit, by the discretion of packager. Free
Additional packaging material Our staff will add extra packing material (foam popcorn, bubble wrap, & etc.) Free
Processing of incoming parcels Parcels receiving to the warehouse and distribution to clients cells. $ 1.00 per parcel
Consolidation Consolidation of parcels as per instructions from the client. Goods packaging, preparation of documents for dispatch. Free
Storage Storage in our warehouse, secure with alarm and under constant video surveillance. Free - up to 2 months
(60 calendar days).
After 60 days - $5.00 for each item, per month.
Packed parcel storage with status "awaiting for delivery payment" Storage of parcel prepared to be sent, with completed invoice to be paid. Free - 1st week,
Starting 2nd week - $10 per week
Bank commicion when delivery payment completed by payment -debit/ credit cards Bank commicion charged on each transaction completed with payment -debit/credit card . 3.5% from Invoice amount

Additional services

Additional Service Description Price
Photo of content(s) This service is a general photo of parcels/pacagesТ content(s). We do not open the original packaging (only for exclusive client's instructions). We do not check on the performance of the electronics. Service fee - $1.00
per photo
Video of packaging process Video of packaging process can be done by request of the client. Service fee - $10.00
Goods registration in client's account Our staff will enter your purchases to your personal account on web site. See section "In stock", in the case where the seller or the customer has not registered a parcel to the web site before its arrival in to warehouse. Parcels are registered manually only if the account number is presented on mailing labels Service fee - $1.00
for each parcel/package
Invoice checking Checking of client's goods according to packaging list / purchase Invoice / clients instructions for quanaty of sizes& etc including general Photo of goods Service fee - $5.00
Parcels repackaging before shipping Any changes on the parcels ready to be shipped, whether the change in the delivery method, delivery address, the addition or removal of goods Service Fee - $10.00
The Commission for the issue of sending the mail by Canada Post, EMS or Priority Mail with tariffs Returning of parcel to sender, within Canada. Insurance and delivery under the terms of Canada Post Service fee - $8.50
Purchased goods splitting from 1 to 2 or more separate parcels/ packages Splitting of parcels/packages content(s) in accordance with client's instructions Service fee - $10.00
Additional inner packing First, the goods are packed in extra thick plastic bag, then in a box Service fee - $1.00
Additional outer packing After parcel packed, the box is wrapped with an extra layer of plastic packaging film. Service fee - $10.00



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