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Many of you probably are familiar with "rebates". These are websites offers that help you cut down the price you pay for online shipping. By simply for clicking a link to thisthat online store on their website, you can get back 3% to 20% on each purchase.
If you use www.Mrrebates.com щк www.rakuten.com you can send your rebate receipts to us, we will accept those as payment for our services. When it comes time to get your receipt, just type our address (your account number 5 S Main Str. Englishtown NJ 07726)
and company name (Polar Express) for us to receive. Please email us the exact amount indicated on the receipt you will be sending us so that we can put it to your Account.

If you haven’t used any of those websites yet, we strongly advise you to do so.

Just click their banners on our website (on the My Account page)one of these links here:



 Please don’t forget to specify Polar Express as your referral (sponsor) by typing, in the Referral's Email field [email protected]

Both websites offer a unique choice of stores considerable discounts. Often, the same store will be featured on both websites, but the reduction you get each will differ.

So, when planning your shopping, we suggest you should first visit both websites to check which of the two offers the best terms.

You can save hundreds of dollars a month.