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Main / Delivery from Amazon online store is one of the World's biggest online merchants, selling almost articles of every description. The store has dozens of categories – clothing, toys, electronic appliances, makeup, car components, computers, household goods etc. is the most popular site book lovers, music fanciers and movie enthusiasts. Looking for the latest album of your favourite band or a new best seller by your favorite author? It’s the place for you!
An undeniable advantage of is the variety of choice it gives you with respect to sellers and providing you with fabulous cost-saving opportunities. The fact that works not only with sellers from USA but also from UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and China, is no small advantage either.
You can pay for your orders by Visa or Mastercard. in Russia
Amazon seems reluctant to set up a branch in Russia – just like e-Bay in Russia it is not to be expected anytime soon. You do not have to be concerned about this as it does not restict you. Any Russian-speaker can sign up for, add their shopping to the cart and pay with their credit cards. However, won’t ship the many items to Russia, and specifically will not ship musical records, games, electronics and used articles.
But even if the seller agrees to ship your order there are other considerations. Firstly, won’t let you consolidate your shopping resulting in parcels shipping separately thus incurring unnecessarily high international shipping costs. Secondly, it takes an expert to master all the ins and outs of Amazon shipping. Thirdly, you will be unable to check the quality of your order before it is exported - Amazon does not offer this type of service, nor will it email you photos of your order or provide additional packaging. Considering this, it makes sense to use Polar Express - it's the most economical option as you have all your shopping delivered right to your door, as a single parcel, from a single warehouse where the integrity and quality of the shipment can be check prior to shipping.
Shipping to Russia from Amazon
Aha! Our company does just that – we facilitate parcel and cargo shipping from the US and Canada. It’s easy. All you have to do is sign up for our service and receive your very own virtual address in the USA. Then, when you shop at all you have to do is type this virtual address in the 'ship-to' address field. Then your order is shipped to our warehouse and from there you can consolidate it into as many parcels as you wish and forward them to Russia. On top of that we offer additional value-added services – photos of the contents of your parcel, videos of the packing-up process, invoice checking, etc. For the complete write-up of our services click here.
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