Rules for parcels packing

Main / Rules for parcels packing
POLAR EXPRESS, LLC assumes increased responsibility for the safety of your shipment and provides insurance for all risks of physical damage or loss of parcel.
Parcels insurance
Insurance can be provided for any of your departure: documents or goods.
Although, some restrictions still exist and depend, as a rule, on the destination and content of the shipment.
In accordance with the requirements of insurance of parcels, POLAR EXPRESS, LLC is responsible for the loss and damage of parcels in transit.
Responsibility comes at the moment of receipt of the parcel to the POLAR EXPRESS, LLC warehouse and operates all the time until the consignment is directly delivered to the recipient.
The insurance coverage for the loss or damage of parcels is paid in accordance with existing restrictions and exceptions.
Insurance does not cover:
• Purchases made at auction;
• Delays;
• Natural evaporation;
• Loss in weight or volume;
• Wear of departure;
• Losses, damages or damages caused by packaging that is not suitable for the nature of the goods
• Losses, damages or damages resulting from already existing deficiencies and damages of departure;
• Losses, damages or damages resulting from the intentional mistreatment of the sending by the client or his agent;
• Losses, damages or losses caused by a delay;
• Losses, damages or losses resulting from the use of any nuclear or nuclear weapons or radioactivity.
Basic conditions:
- Insurance is determined and limited to the cost you stated, the cost of replacing the shipment, the amount indicated in the invoice or paid in cash - the smallest of these values. A document confirming the payment can be requested as a confirmation of the cost.
- In the event of a complete loss of your parcel, insurance gives you the right to refund the cost of transporting the parcel. In case of partial loss, you will be entitled to reimbursement of the cost of transportation in the appropriate proportions.
Procedure of claim presentation:
If you wish to file a claim, you should do this as soon as possible, no later than 3 days after the actual or scheduled delivery.
We don't provide insurance for the next items:
• Antique items;
• Jewelry of pure gold or silver;
• Clock;
• Articles made of ceramics;
• Diamonds and other precious stones;
• Glassware (insurance only from loss);
• Suitcases of all kinds, including special packing cases for transportation of musical instruments, are excluded from the insurance for damage;
• Stamps;
• Food;
• Collectible items;
The Customer undertakes to pay for Polar Express, LLC goods and services only with credit and debit cards and bank transfers from accounts / accounts that belong to him personally, without the use of cards or third party accounts.

In case of violation of this rule, Polar Express, LLC has the right to suspend the provision of services, all goods arrived at the warehouse are transferred to the postal services for return to sellers at the expense of the Client, or by mail services.

By sending parcels to the virtual address provided by Polar Express LLC, the client gives the company the right to open and                    inspection of any parcel, for damage, prohibited goods, dangerous substances, and so on.

The cost of the return of Polar Express, LLC is not paid, claims for the return of goods paid for by third parties Polar Express, LLC are not accepted.

• The Client agrees not to include in the Orders and not to send to Polar Express LLC the items prohibited by the US law, as well as the laws of the country of destination of the Parcel.
• Polar Express, LLC is not responsible for the sending to the address of the company, but this address is not delivered. The responsibility of Polar Express, LLC for the goods of the Client comes only from the moment of transfer by the postal service of goods to the warehouse.
• Polar Express, LLC is responsible only for the actual accepted weight of the goods, without taking into account the weight specified by the sellers / shops or on the postal services.
• Polar Express, LLC is not responsible for orders on which the Customer's virtual address is not wholly or incorrectly stated, regardless of whether it happened due to the fault of the store or the Customer.
• The Customer undertakes to send the incoming parcel from the Polar Express, LLC warehouse no later than 90 days after the arrival of the parcel to the warehouse. If after 90 days from the receipt of the parcel or the parcels of the client are not paid for dispatch, such parcels of the client are declared unclaimed and the Executor has the right to dispose of these parcels at his discretion (return to the store, transfer to a charitable organization, etc.).
• As part of the virtual address service, it is prohibited to pay and send goods sold by individuals (except for purchases on eBay with payment through PayPal).
• The Client undertakes to carefully read and accept all the terms and conditions for the provision of services to Polar Express, LLC.
Parcels and delivery
• Tariffs for delivery from the US from the Polar Express, LLC warehouse to the Customer's address can be preliminarily calculated using the delivery calculator. These calculations are purely informative.
• The cost of delivery of the parcel is paid by the Customer after the goods are received at the warehouse of the Contractor. The final delivery cost is issued by the Contractor after the assembling and weighing of the parcel, formed by the Client from the section "Parcels" in the personal office of the Client. In the "Parcels" section, the Customer can specify his preferences for the parcel being formed, specify the delivery address, select the delivery service and insure his parcel. Polar Express, LLC does not accept claims for the weight of the parcels formed.
• The customer has the right to change the contents of the parcel, his preferences for assembling the parcel by the Executor (removing unnecessary packaging, etc.), changing the cost of insurance, editing the declaration only until the parcel is confirmed. Editing of confirmed parcels is impossible.
• Payment for the delivery of the parcel can be debited from the balance of the Customer automatically, if the Customer has agreed to this action before confirming the parcel. In this case, immediately after weighing Polar Express, LLC of the parcel, the delivery cost will be written off from the balance of the Customer (provided that there is sufficient amount on the balance of the Customer).
• If the Customer refuses to pay for the delivery of the parcel, the parcel is kept in the Polar Express, LLC warehouse within 7 days of the confirmation of the parcel.
• The client independently fills the customs declaration of the parcel in the corresponding section. The Contractor, in turn, can make the necessary adjustments to the Customer's declaration without any notifications.
• The services of the Contractor are considered to be fully rendered, and the obligations are fulfilled from the moment the Customer sends the parcel to the postal service.
• The Contractor does not accept any claims and is not responsible for the speed of delivery of the parcel by the postal service to the Client. The delivery times shown on the website are approximate.
Limitations & Exceptions
• Insurance covers the entire route of the parcel, although time limits can be applied as a result of political, terrorist, nuclear and military risks, or decisions of the government council.
• Force majeure - the parties are released in whole or in part from fulfillment of obligations as a result of force majeure circumstances (force majeure circumstances) connected with events of an emergency nature that could not be foreseen by the parties and which could not be prevented by reasonable measures: flood, earthquake, fire , tsunami, explosion, storm, epidemic, any other natural phenomena, war or military actions and so and interstate sanctions.