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2019-08-28 17:50:10

Labor Daynew schedule.

Dear friends! Labor Day is a national holiday in the USA. It is celebrated every year on the first Monday of September. The main idea of ​​this holiday is to honor the workers of Americagive them the opportunity to relax.

On September 2, our warehousesoffice in the United States will be closedwe will be grateful if support requests are not duplicated, since there will be a 24-hour delay in processing your applications.
We also draw your attention to changes in our shipping schedule.

TUESDAY - PR-Priority, EMC Economy, PE-Uzbekistan, PickpointStandard, USPS
THURSDAY - PR-Priority, EMC Economy, PickpointStandard, USPS
FRIDAY - BPOST / EMCSmall Packages

PriorityEMC-Economy now fly 2 times a week.

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