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How much do you charge for parcel insurance?
If the estimated value of your parcel does not exceed $100, insurance will be included in the delivery charge
Estimated parcel value:
• $101-$600 – insurance charge: $5
• $601-$1000 insurance charge: - $7.50
• $1001-$1300 – insurance charge: - $15.00
• We do not insure parcels whose estimated value exceeds $1300.00.

Which means that if your parcel is a laptop that costs 1400$, your insurance fee will still be 15.00$ but your laptop will only be insured for the first $1300.00 of it's value
Please note that the insurance claim will be paid strictly in accordance with the value listed in the customs declaration, which is not permitted to exceed the actual market value of the item.
Note there is insurance available for damage or operational quality on items purchased from Ebay.com auction. If there is no itemized packing list or invoice received with your parcel it will not be possible to make an insuarance claim in the event of items missing. Please, do not forget to insist the seller include a detailed description of contents or packing list. In the event of there being no packing list and some items missing, there would be no way that we could confirm what the missing items were, the quantity or their quality.
The seller’s ‘high rating’ will not be accepted as evidence.